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Taco Bus Tampa Dia del los Muertos Fiesta Deals

Between October 29, 2108 and November 2, 2018, Taco Bus (various locations) is celebrating Dia del los Muertos! This is a week long fiesta with music, limited items, and kid friendly giveaways! They will have special day of the dead tacos, burritos, and chips & salsa!

I stopped by today to check some of their food items with some friends!

Day of the Dead Chicken Tacos- I got chicken in my tacos and it was so moist (everyone's favorite word) and flavorful!! These tacos were special because of the black corn tortilla! I was impressed with the flavor and size. This thing was stuffed and fit my whole hand!

Chips and Salsa- I could eat chips and salsa everyday. These were simple and really good. Sometimes you don't need all the extra stuff to be excellent! Sadly, they didn't have the special black chips at this location (Tampa).

Day of the Dead Burrito- Burritos also come in a black tortilla this week! I had a bite of this and it was very tasty. I am loving how all the meats are very seasoned here. Sometimes I don't like tacos because of the bland meats, but everything was great here!

If you're looking for some yummy tacos in Tampa, give them a try. This place is also really neat because they offer vegetarian options as well! They have roasted poblano peppers and cheese, portabello ranchero, tofu, butternut squash, and vegan "steal" (spy protein). A friend got the portabello ranchero and it was SO GOOD!

Taco Bus Tampa

913 East Hillsborough Avenue

Tampa FL 33604

http://taco-bus.com/ (check out their website for other locations)

*Food items were comped.*

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