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Sticky Rice Lao Street Food in Orlando Florida

Since I was in Orlando for Diner En Blanc, I wanted to drive in early to go to Sticky Rice Lao Street Food because I kept seeing pictures on Instagram from my Orlando foodie friends! This place was so cute! Look at this awesome mural behind me! My friend, Sarah, and I really wanted everything on the menu but we had another food stop in Winter park and didn't want to over do ourselves! If you want to see what we ordered, keep on scrolling!

Crispy Rice and Cured Pork Lettuce Wraps- This thing was AMAZING! So so yummy. We couldn't stop eating this. This was my first time trying this and I am hooked! I am so sad I can't get this anywhere in Tampa!! I really wanted to get an extra order to take back home to Tampa but we were going to be in Orlando the whole night and we had no where to store it! So sad!

Steak Laab- This was super flavorful and had a kick to it! If you like spicy stuff, you need to order this!

Sticky Rice and Dips- Don't let the looks of this fool you. It may look boring but it does not taste boring at all! This is SUPER flavorful and a really great plate! The rice dishes here are must haves!!

Pork Tapioca Dumplings- This is also something I've never had before! Such a unique texture and taste. GET IT!

Everything on the menu sounds AMAZING!

I really enjoyed my visit here and I really want to go back one day to try their noodle soups!!

Sticky Rice Lao Street Food

1915 East Colonial Drive Orlando, Florida 32803


*Items were purchased myself*

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