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Rooster & the Till Chef's Tasting Menu in Seminole Heights

Rooster & the Till has been a favorite restaurant of mine for years! I use to go every other weekend! I hadn't been there in a while so I decided to go and get the Chef's Tasting Menu. I got it before and it was amazing so I wanted to give it another go! It is $75 and comes with 6-7 small courses. You can also add a wine pairing for $40. Forgive me if I don't remember what came on every dish. The courses are a surprise and they they don't give you a menu of the items! I'm also old and have bad memory, :P.

Fried Kimchi and Mushroom Wonton- I feel like you can never go wrong with kimchi, mushrooms, and a fried element! YUM! A perfect little bite to start the night!

Chorizo and Beets- This was like a beet salad with tons of chorizo flavor!

Bulgogi Sausage and Mushrooms- This was one of my favorites of the night! The bulgogi sausage was so unique!! The mustard seed sauce that came with it was perfect! This plate was amazing!

Fried Sweetbreads and Potato Torte- I've tried sweetbreads once and it was not my favorite. This was really good though! I was a little scared at first because like I said, sweetbreads are not my favorite thing to eat. It was my friend's first time trying sweetbreads and she said this was her favorite dish of the night!

Swordfish Tostada- Delicious! This tostada is not like any tostada I have ever had. I really hope this is a preview of what we will be seeing at their new concept, Gallito in Sparkman Wharf, because it was really yummy and different!

Smokey Cheese and Sweet Mozzarella- The presentation of this was really neat! It came with a cover and once we lifted the cover up you could see a cloud of smoke!

Almond Milk Rice Pudding with Strawberries- I love Rooster & the Till desserts because most of the time they are light and refreshing! This was so beautiful and had strawberries underneath which was a nice surprise!

These plates might not look huge but I left comfortable. I was full but not STUFFED which is always a plus because I tend to over eat since I want to eat everything on the plates!!

I love getting the Chef's Tasting to mix things up a little since the items you get are not usually on the regular menu! If you are looking for a unique dinner in Tampa, I highly recommend checking out Rooster & the Till in Seminole Heights Tampa!

Rooster and the Till

6500 N Florida Ave

Tampa, FL 33604


*Items were purchased myself.*

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