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Publix Aprons Cooking Class in Tampa with Chef Todd Fisher

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

I was invited to a Publix Aprons Cooking with special guest Chef Todd Fisher. Publix Aprons Cooking School has classes that are more of demonstrations and hands on cooking classes. You can check out their schedule on their site to pick out the meals you want to go to. The Publix Aprons class I attended was a demonstration.

Chef Todd Fisher talked and used Dandy Fresh Produce products to create 4 courses for us. For each course he demonstrated the steps in front and then we all got our own plates of each thing he as making. Keep on scrolling to see what he made and what we ate!

Dandy Super Sweet Corn Hummus With Celery and Radish Coins- I have never heard of corn hummus before. Now, all I want is corn hummus!

Fresh Ricotta, Celery, Citrus & Radish Salad with Blackberry-Basil Vinaigrette- This was the best salad ever. The mix of fresh ricotta and citrus was so delicious. I was very excited that we got copies of all the recipes because I am remaking this ASAP.

Grilled Swordfish with Dandy Radish Butter, Shaved Celery, Fingerling Potatoes & Rose Dressing- I am usually not a swordfish fan but WOW. This was so light but flavorful with the radish butter!

Sweet Corn Tres Leches with Burnt Citrus Caramel- This was FREAKING AMAZING. The corn infused leche made it so sweet and so unique! The cake was so moist with it and it was truly one of my favorite things EVER!

This was really fun and unique! The prices are very reasonable and comparable to a date night dinner! I think this is a great deal because you get a full meal plus some cooking knowledge for the price of a regular dinner anywhere else (and you don't have to tip)!

Publix Aprons Cooking School of Citrus Park 7835 Gunn Hwy

Tampa, FL 33626 http://www.publix.com/recipes-planning/aprons-cooking-schools/tampa

*Cooking demo was hosted by Dandy Produce*

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