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Nebraska Mini Mart in Seminole Heights Tampa

I had to check out Nebraska Mini Mart since it is related to Rooster and the Till (one of my favorite restaurants for years)! This concept is much different since its more of a casual hangout spot with smaller "snacks".

Chicken Wings- These are covered with Malaysian chili paste and fried garlic. YUM. I could eat these all day. If Nebraska Mini Mart was closer to me, I would go everyday just for these wings! GET THEM!

Korean Cheese Steak- This sandwich has bulgogi steak, kimchi, and gochujang mayo. The flavors all tasted delicious together. We all thought it was good but the ration of bred to stuffing was off. It would be so much better with less bread!

Charred Corn- They are covered with ancho, lime, mexican cream, and cojita. You really can't go wrong with this situation. Right?!

Messy Fries- This comes with pulled pork, queso, salsa, and a whipped avocado drizzle. This combo is perfect!

Grouper Tostada (not pictured)- This came with salsa macha, tomato relsih, and cotija. I am not a raw tomato fan and all I could taste in this was tomato so it was not one of my favorites. My boyfriend, Matt, LOVED it though.

Other Items Not Pictured

I personally do not think I would drive here to specifically go here, but if I was in the area I would stop by more often. Its a really cool spot to hangout if you live in the area, especially when the weather is nice, since they have a big open lot with seating and games. I think the prices of some the items are a little higher than I would expect but that won't stop me from getting the chicken wings!

Nebraska Mini Mart

4815 N Nebraska Ave

Tampa, FL 33603


*All items purchased myself.*

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