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Grand Tasting Omakase at Noble Rice in South Tampa

I took my boyfriend, Matt, to Noble Rice in South Tampa for their Grand Tasting Omakase for his birthday! They have two different omakase tastings. The Grand Tasting is 15 courses and costs $200 per person. The entry level omakase is 7 courses and costs $125 per person.

The Grand Tasting Omakase at Noble Rice 11/16/2018

Some of my descriptions may not be 100% accurate. They do not give you a written menu and I have a horrible memory!

Course 1- Toro in a shiso leaf- I love shiso leaves so anything with them is a plus!

Course 2- Pickled oyster- Such a yummy bit with all sort of flavors!

Course 3- Tuna- so simple, so good.

Course 4- Toro- I couldeat this everyday!

Course 5- Otoro- Even better than the toro!

Course 6- Smoked king salmon- The presentation of this with the smoke was AMAZING!

Course 7- Hokkaido scallop- You can't go wrong with this bite!

Course 8- Hokkaido uni- So sweet with so much flavor!

Course 9- Hokkaido scallop, Hokkaido uni, and caviar- All my favorite things in a dish!

Course 10- Smoked tuna collar with marinated shiso leaves- This is Matt's favorite dish in the whole world! I requested it for him and Eric and Adriana were so kind to include it in our meal! REALLY RALLY delicious and I don't even know where else you could get this in Tampa!

Course 11- Truffle and mushroom rice- I am a huge mushroom lover so this was my favorite of the night!!

Course 12- Waygu in a shiso leaf- Can we just wrap everything is this leaf?!

Course 13- Waygu and Hokkaido uni- The A5 waygu with the uni makes for an interesting and yummy combo of flavors!

Course 14- Uni and squid ink fresh pasta- I was so full by this point but I had to finish this plate because it was that good and wasting something that good is just not cool!

Course 15- Candied yolk and squash- I've never had a candied yolk so it was really neat to experience! It didn't taste egg-y at all and it went well with the custard-y desert!

This is such a fun experience fro a special date night because everything is so amazing. I can't even describe in words how much we love the omakases here!

Noble Rice

807 W Platt St

Tampa, FL 33606


*Items purchases myself.*

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