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Chef’s Table Menu at Fleming’s Tampa

Did you know there is section at Fleming's in Tampa that changes often? This section is called Chef Daryl's Table in Tampa! I had a chance to try out some of these items and they all blew me away!

Oyster Rockefeller- This has creamy spinach, anise, parmesan, and seasoned bacon. HOLY PIG! The bacon on this is phenomenal and I wish they sold it in packs! I really don't think you can go wrong with oysters so this was a win in my book. Get the full dozen, trust me.

New Zealand Lamb Chops- This comes with three double boned chops. The thai green beans (AHHHHMMMMAAAZZZINNNGG) are a la carte and do not come with this dish. I am not usually a lamb chop fan but this was one cooked perfectly (medium rare).

Tuna Mignon- This is peppercorn and poppy seed rubbed Yellowfin tuna with a tomato vinaigrette. First of all, the portion size was so big, I brought home half! This was so fresh and so light! I REALLY love greens and fish so this was perfect for me!

Daryl's Campfire Brownie- If you love sweets, you will LOVE this one. This is a very rich chocolate brownie with roasted marshmallow on top!

I would recommend this place for a special occasion. It is a high end steakhouse with high quality ingredients and therefore it is on the pricey side, however, they do have a happy hour menu with some items under $20. Everything I have ever had here has been really delicious and I ALWAYS have left overs because the portions are good!

Fleming's Steakhouse

4322 W Boy Scout Blvd

Tampa, FL 33607


*Some items were comped, some were purchased myself*

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