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Brunch at Ichicoro Ane in St Pete FL

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

I love the brunch at Ichicoro Ane in St. Pete Florida! They have a unique menu of both sweet and savory items. The drive for me from Tampa is always worth it! Keep scrolling down to see photos from one of my favorite St Pete restaurants!

Fried Pumpkin- This was on a separate "specials" menu so it may not be available when you visit. Pretty darn tasty! This was savory with a hint of sweetness!

Avocado Toast- This was also on a separate "specials" menu so it may not be available when you visit. There was TONS of avocado. If you love avocados, you will enjoy this! The toast comes with whipped avocado on the bottom and then garnished wit more fresh sliced avocado!

Ichicoro Ane St Pete Restaurant Avocado Toast
Avocado Toast at Ichicoro Ane in St Pete.

Bubble Waffle- This beauty comes with guava vream cheese and shiso sweet milk. HOLY CRAP this thing was delicious. I am usually not a fan of sweets for brunch, but I kept going back for bites of this. Its topped with some pineapples so its sort of healthy. 😜

Ichicoro Ane St Pete Restaurant Bubble Waffle
Bubble Waffle at Ichicoro Ane in St. Pete Florida.

BEC Ramen- This has bacon, egg, cheese, shoyu tare, North Country applewood smoked bacon, ontama, parmesan, black garlic,  scallions, and shaved bonito. We (the BF and I) are always craving this. So creamy and perfect! Also, this is on the saltier side, so if you don't like salt, you should pass. We think its perfect!!

Ichicoro Ane in St. Pete BEC Ramen
Eating BEC ramen at Ichicoro Ane in St. Pete Florida.

Spicy Crababura Soba- This is another brothless ramen that comes with shio tare, lump crab, pork belly, bacon, ontama, fried garlic, scallion, beni shoga, and sesame. YUM! This is a little spicy and FREAKING AWESOME! This was my first time have this and it is now my new favorite brunch item!! This is a must try if you love crab and a hint of spice!

Ichicoro Ane Spicy Crababura Soba
Spicy Crababura Soba at Ichicoro Ane in St. Pete Florida

Fatty Melt- This comes with a chasyu patty, American cheese, jalapeño kosho, Japaense milk bread,a and mapo fries. First of all, the fries that come with it are the most yummy things ever. Second, just get this. Its delicious.

Ichicoro Ane St Pete Fatty Melt
Fatty Melt at Ichicoro Ane

I would highly recommend checking out Ichicoro Ane if you are looking for a unique brunch experience in St. Pete!

Ichicoro Ane 260 1st Ave S St. Petersburg, FL 33701


*Some items were comped, some were purchased by me.*

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